Dell 0JP7D 430-0672 NetXtreme II 5709 NIC

  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: NetXtreme II 5709
  • Part Number: 0JP7D
  • Condition: New

Add quad port gigabit ethernet to your compatible Dell blade server with the 0JP7D 430-0672 NetXtreme II 5709 Quad Port I/O module. Also known as a mezzanine card, the Dell 0JP7D 430-0672 balances network traffic over multiple CPUs. The Dell 0JP7D 430-0672 improves network performance and helps optimize server efficiency. An open mezzanine card slot in a compatible Dell system is required to install the 0JP7D 430-0672 quad port gigabit ethernet I/O card.

Compatible Dell systems:

PowerEdge M910

Form Factor Adapter

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