Dell 320-2879 WT6X3 1000Base-LX Long Wave Single Mode SFP

  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: WT6X3
  • Part Number: 320-2879
  • Condition: New
Sometimes there is a need to send data across a campus or maybe down the road somewhere. The Dell 320-2879 WT6X3 1000Base-LX long wave single mode SFP is your answer. The Dell 320-2879 WT6X3 1000Base-LX SFP is compatible with a variety of Dell PowerConnect switches. An open SFP port that supports long wave single mode 1000Base-LX SFPs is required to use this product. Compatible Products- PowerConnect 2608, PowerConnect 2616, PowerConnect 2624, PowerConnect 2708, PowerConnect 2716, PowerConnect 2724, PowerConnect 3048, PowerConnect 3248, PowerConnect 3324, PowerConnect 3524, PowerConnect 3524P, PowerConnect 3548P, PowerConnect 5212, PowerConnect 5224, PowerConnect 5424, PowerConnect 5448, PowerConnect 6024, PowerConnect 6024F, PowerConnect 8024

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