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Dell G463C 430-3118 DRAC5 Remote Access Card

  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: DRAC5
  • Part Number: 430-3118
  • Condition: New
Who wants to be in the office or data-center? Access your Dell R300 from the safety of your home or from the road with the G463C 430-3118 DRAC5 remote access card. The Dell G463C 430-3118 DRAC5 has its own processor and memory. Dell G463C 430-3118 DRAC5 remote access card has a PCIe interface. You'll need an IP connection to remotely access your Dell server. And, an open slot in a compatible Dell server to install the G463C 430-3118 DRAC5. Compatible Dell Systems- PowerEdge R300

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