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Dell M910 4 Socket High Performance Blade Server

  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: Dell M910
  • Part Number: M910
  • Condition: New
Open slots in your Dell M1000e blade chassis? Add the power of the Dell M910 4 socket blade server to the mix. The Dell M910 blade server has four sockets and supports Intel eight-core processors. Add up to 512GB of memory to the Dell M910. That's half a terabyte of RAM! An open blade slot in a Dell M1000e blade chassis is required to install the M910 high performance blade server. This particular M910 is configured with dual E6510 six core processors, 4GB of memory, H200 RAID, 146GB 10K hard drive, iDRAC 6 Enterprise and 3 Year Basic Warranty. We can customize your Dell blade server. Send us your exact requirements via the get-a-quote button.

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