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We want to assist you in making your IT more streamlined & efficient with our affordable, cutting-edge technology

Our focus is in the design, implementations, and management of secure & scalable digital platforms. Through our partner program, we can lend a hand in procuring hardware globally with a suite of flexible financing & consumption options to help you attain your vision.   
Sometimes hardware is not enough, so we also offer a diverse array of service experts who are thinkers and DOERS in the fields of data, applications, infrastructure, user-experience, & operations.



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We’re ready to roll up our sleeves & help you realize the IT solutions that you never thought were possible

When you are on the front end of designing, implementing, or upgrading your IT infrastructure, your desired vision can often feel far-off or unattainable. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed.

Sierra Microproducts is here to help you with acquiring the hardware you need from Industry giants across the globe & getting implementation & consultation services you need from our robust network of partners.

Design Cloud Architecture

Whatever vision you have for your implementation of cloud technologies, Sierra Microproducts can help you strategize an approach. We can help you design a buoyant cloud that is both accessible and secure. We have the hardware and knowledge to assist you.

Package, Ship, Deliver

Our partners around the globe have an exhaustive supply of whatever assets you need and the ability to ship it to you in a rapid and efficient manner. Sierra Microproducts large network of industry leading partners gives you access to whatever cutting-edge hardware your data center needs.


Keep your cloud assets online and accessible with our maintenance services. Thorough & transparent, your cloud will remain current with fewer interruptions through our maintenance services.

Bespoke Solutions

Whether you are looking for traditional IT solutions or outside-the-box cutting-edge solutions, Sierra Microproducts has the expertise you will want to guide you into the next phase of your IT & cloud technologies.

Our clients say

“Their diverse hardware inventory had the components we needed to up-scale our networks rapidly.”
Hilary L.
“Setting up cloud technologies can be daunting, but Sierra Microproducts was there to assist and guide us. Highly recommend.”
Hall R.
“Ever since we started with Sierra Microproducts, our networks have been more reliable and with improved performance. This is how the cloud should be for everybody.”
Quintin A.
“If ever there is an issue or a problem, Sierra Microproducts has always been available to quickly help out and troubleshoot the issue.”
Jillie T.

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Our network of partners have designed and set up networks of all sizes from sprawling WANs to intimate LANs. Whatever your situation, Sierra Microproducts can offer a solution and an expert for you.  Whether you need specific hardware or just need guidance in configuring efficient cloud security, we got you covered.