Cloud-based, logistical, & secure solutions for an agile modern IT infrastructure

Reliable, Scalable Infrastructure

Cloud Solutions

In a world of rapidly evolving technologies and ever-expanding networks Sierra Micro can help you make the most out of the cloud. We can provide you with industry trusted brands as well as industry trusted expertise.  Let us help you maximize the cloud.
Our partnerships with leaders in cloud technology allow you the ability to access cutting edge hardware and strategies. From global networks to small scale hubs we have solutions that will work for you. Contact us to get more in-depth information about our cloud solutions.
Pack, Ship, & Assemble

Logistics Solutions

Sierra Micro will remove any anxiety or uncertainty with your upgrades and implementations. Our team of mission-focused engineers will assist you in laying out an effective blueprint for attaining the IT outcomes your company desires. Let us connect you to the industry’s best knowledge base.
Some of the biggest and most trusted brands are in our network of partners and we can connect you to their expertise and guidance. With over a decade of experience and over one thousand clients worldwide, Sierra Micro has proven ourselves to be a reliable resource for data centers of any scale. Contact us for more in-depth information about our Logistics solutions.
24/7 Monitoring

Security Solutions

Keeping a network fast and accessible while also keeping it secure is a delicate balancing act. Sierra Micro has security solutions to help you keep your data secure effectively and efficiently with the help of our wide array of industry leading partners. Let us help you find the ideal security solution for your network.
Data breaches are a looming threat and a modern data center has to have an agile strategy towards security. Sierra Micro can keep you up to date on the latest threats to your data and how to best prevent your data form being breached. Contact us to get more in-depth information about our Security solutions.


Our logistics solutions will help you plot your ascension to peak IT efficiency and our Cloud solutions will assist you in attaining that pinnacle. Once there, our Security solutions will keep you and your data safely at the apex of modern cloud networking.

Sierra Micro is a mountain range of resources. We offer a  wide range of industry experts with steep palisades of expertise and vast steppes of hardware assets. Enjoy the view in the Cloud as you accomplish traversing to breathtaking heights safely knowing that Sierra Micro will assist you every step of the way with a confident command of the hardware, software, and logistics required to get you there. A secure cloud network that has been logistically configured to be agile and accessible is the focus of Sierra Microproducts. We can be your guide.

Contact Sierra Microproducts if you want to learn more or get more in-depth information about Sierra Micro’s hardware, services, or partnerships.

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